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Why Invest in Property?

One of the best ways to earn buckets of money is delving into a property investment. It’s because as the value of the property increases, so does your income.

This kind of investment also allows you to leverage your investment.

Different kinds of property investments have advantages and disadvantages. Before embarking in a property investment, it is best to collaborate with a financial expert to give you professional ideas and advice.

Investment Options to Consider

  • A Fixer-Upper

If you do not have a lot of money for an investment, it can be worthwhile to go for a fixer-upper.

In this scenario, you look for a home with an average price, purchase it, and do some restorations to dramatically increase its value.  Restorations may, however, give you some unforeseen expenses.

  • Renting Out

You can make a lot of money from renting out a property. Although the location and the rental prices may serve as a tough factor, it is still a good option if you plan to invest in something that really earns.

Compared to a fixer-upper, this option only requires minimal effort as the only thing that you use is your money.

  • Negative Gearing

Negative gearing occurs when the expense of taking out a loan and maintaining an investment property are higher than the rental income it generates.  The investment loss can be offset against your other income and result in you paying less tax.

Speak to us to learn more about negative gearing and how to structure your loans and investments to maximise your financial situation.

Property Investment Client Testimonials


“Andrew goes out of his way to save his client money and look after their best interests. I would highly recommend him.”


“I am very pleased with the professional service Andrew Peake provided in arranging Mortgage Finance for my property purchase. Andrew was proactive in providing options with various providers, assisted in the application process, responded promptly to any query I had and followed through to settlement.”

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